Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sensing Energy

There are so many subtle things about this world that we miss all the time.  I’m thinking specifically of energy.  Maybe it’s a simple matter of focus.  I think of it like hearing a radio but not knowing what music is.  You hear it but dismiss it because there are no words to help you understand what you are hearing and separating out what you hear to recognize it as something.  But, once you know what it is, you can hear it even if it the music is on so low that it is barely audible.  Many things in life are like this.  As far as energy, did you know that we emanate various frequencies of energy based on our moods and our beliefs?  This is not made up.  You can search or the internet for information on the field of energy the human heart alone generates.  You feel it but without knowing its there, you cannot define it and pull that energy out from all of the other sensations that you are taking in to realize what it is.  We generate energy.  Everything on this planet emanates an energy field.  When you learn to tune into the energy and define it from the rest of the sensations you’re taking in you can begin to discern a little bit more about the energy you are perceiving once you get some practice with what different types of energy feels like.  Just like different music on the radio, it takes time to listen to the different songs and then you can name them or even sing along with them.

Another thing about energy is that it carries signatures that we eventually learn to pick up on and after some time and practice, you can read the energy and learn from that energy.  You can begin to discern what the energy of love feels like versus the energy of anger, sorrow or sadness.  You can begin to discern when people around you are troubled or elated.  When you pay even more attention, rooms will begin to speak to you, places that hold energy for various reasons will begin speaking to you and you will begin to discern the history as well as presence of energy any place you go.  There is nothing mystical or magical about this.  The one thing I would say is that just like people have various levels of acuity in their hearing, so too, do people have various levels of “feeling” and “discerning” energy.  Sometimes the feeling becomes automatically translated to words in one’s mind…sometimes you feel the energy and can find no words to define it until you have enough experience to read the energy.

To change the subject for a moment, but only seemingly, I was born empathic.  I could feel all emotion.  I could walk into a room and instantly know who was upset, angry or happy.  It was a useful tool growing up in my home.  I always thought empathy was more internal and intuitive but now that I think about it, it is an energy sensitivity.  Emotions generate energy in our fields.  Some perceive it as auric colors, some perceive it in variations of thickness of air in a room and some feel in their bodies where an energy emanates in others.  I believe now that it is all the same thing.  For many reasons we can feel each other and so without even knowing what is happening, we can posture energetically or emotionally to deal with people we face who are giving off a certain type of energy.  It is so fascinating to me how little we understand about energy.  Connecting this knowledge to something else is even more fascinating…intent.  What if we used our intent to specifically manifest certain types of energies so that others could purposefully fear them?  When our governments and politicians speak words that generate fear, they are generating a certain kind of energy and as the words are passed on from person to person we infect each other with the energy of fear, panic, woe, anger, etc.  Awareness of this in the wrong hands can result in some very negative consequences but not having awareness can have equally negative consequences.

Consider the volume, just on facebook alone, of all the of the life coaches, spiritual thinkers and loving individuals posting thoughts to make you think, reach higher, heal and return to a more positive and loving state.  Do you know why this is occurring?  Well, some are aware of what they are doing on purpose – like me – and some just know how good it feels to generate positive energy and infect others with beautiful positive energy brings about a positive frame for many to work within.  Either way, it’s a good counter to all of the tragic and fearful energies rampant in this world.  If we want to change, we are going to have to learn more about ourselves and the tools we have available to us to make changes.  Become aware of your energy.  Become aware of the energy you intentionally or even unconsciously emanate.  Everything in this world matters.  Your thoughts matter.  Your feelings matter.  Your words matter.  Your dreams matter.  We were not put here to destroy ourselves and each other.  We were put here to refine our souls, to learn and to grow.  Devastation and destruction need not be part of that equation but until we pull our heads out of the sand and learn to see what is real out there and understand just how we contribute either to the problems in this world or the solutions, we’ll only consciously contribute to the status quo.  That is just no longer an option for us.  We are growing too much for that to be acceptable.

Know this one thing, through the light of consciously dreaming in this incarnation, we can change what we feel and what we see.  We may not get the benefit of seeing the many transformations we create but we can trust that if we harness our own awareness and let that awareness be completely undeterred in its mission to align with the positive, we will make a change, we will help one another and we will return to ourselves and the truth of our existence here on this plane.  With these words, I am sending nothing but love and light to give you food for thought on your journey to awareness, to love and the conscious creation of your beautiful dreams.  When we open ourselves up to create in the positive, we emanate love and light and affect those around us and that affect is like ripples and waves that travel across the planet.  Like a smile that travels from stranger to stranger across the globe returning to you when you need it most, so does the energy of love and light travel.  So, if everything creates energy, do you now see how your intent and words create a field of energy?  If you continually string together a tale of woe in every human interaction, you are putting negative energy and fear out there in this world.   We’ve all done it.  But, when we become aware of what we’re doing, we awaken from the illusion and can begin to consciously create our dreams in this world, receive the beautiful love and light of this world and even begin to transform it into something better.  Just some food for thought over coffee this morning…~Blessings!

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