Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crescent Moon

A crescent moon
Hangs low on the horizon
I pause at my bedroom window
Contemplating the view
I cease my meandering thoughts
And engage fully in feeling
Stretching my consciousness
Out over the city
The lights against the backdrop
Of dark night sky
Gives a sense of something beautiful
But reality lives on the periphery
And I’m thoughtful of the people
I’m reminded that most
Can’t fathom the depths
At which real life truly lives and breathes
There is so much more than the eyes
Can superficially see
There is more to life
Than the collection of shiny things
If you never wake up
The moments of this dream will be squandered
On nothing but sparkling toys lacking true and lasting meaning
It’s no way to live
It’s no way to be
Not when the only thing you take with you
Is the love you build inside and with others
Sleep now dear city
I whisper to the darkness
May you awaken in this dream
When the sun next returns

(c) 2012 photo/words Jaie Hart

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