Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Food for Thought: What Are We Creating?

 Whatever it is that we hate or disparage with so much negative energy, we become.  How is that an answer?  If we hate oppression, the goal should not be retaliation with the same behavior.  When someone hurts us, our focus should not be to hurt them.  When someone takes something from us, our focus should not be to take something from "them."  In such actions and with such thoughts we become the object of our dis-affection.  What we really need is to disinfect our minds from thoughts of less-than, greater-than and lack.  There is so much in this world that exists and beautifully so. But if you only ever focus on those causing harm, what does it get you?  If you want to make a difference, focus on lifting people up,  focus on eradicating hunger or abuse and focus on connection with your inner love inside and shining the beautiful and positive energy of that out into this world.  We can make a difference all right but I cannot help but wonder if we're seeing the truth.  Our own hatred obscures the real reality because we need to believe in common villains.  But here's the thing, we created this...all of this.  If we engage with our own creations with hatred and violence, are we not really telling ourselves how much we hold ourselves in disrespect and condemnation?  There is by far too much negative judgement in this world and not enough positive discernment in what we allow ourselves to think and subsequently, feel.   What we focus on, we create.  The emotions we feel deepest within the heart of us is what we manifest.  Can we move away from the state of victims and villains, blame and retaliation?  Please?  Did you know the quality of your life depends on finding your way to love and expressing that in this world?  Food for thought dear souls.  Much love and infinite light for you all this day and every day!  Higher love is coming now!

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