Sunday, October 9, 2011

Changing of the Guard

Life isn't always blue skies and sunshine.  Sometimes no matter what you do, things outside of your control will seem to go horribly wrong or people you thought you could count on will separate from you.  Do not be disheartened and never believe you are being punished.  We are constantly learning in this life and when you begin to understand your lessons a little better, a shift occurs within you and in order to keep the right kind of lessons coming, there may be a "changing of the guard" concerning situations and people around you.  Don't become fearful because that only prologns the agony.  Don't become angry and change resistant because that too will only prolong your discomfort.  The easiest way to approach change of this nature is through peaceful acceptance and understanding.  Your lessons don't come from the outside world as you think they do.  They are coming from inside of you so to become angry and resistant is like becoming angry with and resistant to yourself.  The emotion will seem so very real as the scenes and actors do their parts. But take heart knowing it's all your creation.  All things have polar opposites so also stay centered and grounded when the amazingly good things happen in your life as well.  They too are your creations; your reflections.  Stand still, observe and breathe your way through change from a passive and peaceful perspective.  In this way, the changes will come in and go out more cleanly leaving you less emotional and more ready to face the things that you must.  Remember always your inner light...that light of love always shines within you.  If you must grab hold of anything to get you through, grab hold of that and just breathe. Giving more credence to anything in the outside world over what is within you will never make you whole.  Only you have the power to do that from within you.  Be brave, be courageous and be love!  Blessings dear souls!

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