Sunday, September 4, 2011

Expanding excerpt

“…We have the crosses of our time’s evolution to bear…the gifts and curses, the hopes and dreams, the desires and conflicts and what for?  Why does any of it ever even matter anyway?  It matters much.  Just not for the reasons you might think.  The whole goal of life is to come to a place where you move beyond the superficial and material, to grow beyond a microscopic focus on your own tiny orbiting physical human universe and stretch beyond the stars in your own realm.  Only when the mind, heart, spirit and soul align in truth and in love do you begin to even scratch the surface of the importance of life and yet, at the same time, fully realize the insignificance of all those things we only think are so important.  We sacrifice so much to save face and do little to save this planet for our children or our children’s children.  We pay for our selfishness with experiences of tyranny and tragedy, theories and machinations that only represent proof positive that all we see is a mere illusion of progress…an illusion of a created existence that is here only because we wish it to be…”

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