Sunday, June 12, 2011

First and Always

I cannot abide
By this world’s judgment
Making me okay
Based on the world’s perceptions
I’ve done things that are wrong
By this world’s standards
I’ve done things
I, myself, wish I hadn’t
While I explored my own existence
And through trial and much error have I learned
Who and what I truly am
And in so doing, something by far
Even more important
My judgment can never be whole
Or right in terms of another’s existence
I am a mere mortal, very human, so fallible
Just finding my own way
My mind is at times so very small
But my heart is always so big
And I’m learning every day
And in every way
To see the world and its inhabitants
Through that filter first
Because I know first hand
It is compassion and understanding
In this world, I value most
And so it is these things
I must live, breathe, be and give
First and always
© June, 2011 Jaie Hart/photo 2010

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