Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunrise Contemplations and Dreams

The silver waning crescent moon hangs low in a dark southwestern sky. The air cool and damp as I stand gazing intently at a brand new day dawning. I slept well but feel as sure as I’m breathing, my mind was busy with thoughts, working through plans and dreams. How easy it would be to curl back up in bed and dream some more. I waiver on my decision to wake for a few seconds, then take a sip of warm delicious coffee and decide it’s time to keep the day rolling. The sky is fading from black into the deepest blue just now and I see my friends, a sea of twinkling stars. My consciousness goes up and out beyond my reality, it’s into the stars and across the miles, time and distance with purpose and intent to reach out for a dream. I reach it in seconds, I can feel it but I cannot yet touch it. It is not time but soon will be. These moments of gratitude in the early morning hours, to the 7 directions…deepest, deepest gratitude for all that I have, all that I am and all that I am able to give.

This world is an amazing place. Amongst the chaos you can grab a piece of stillness and sit in quiet contemplation. You can focus on the stars, shining so bright and so far way. You can dwell in the past, the present or the future as much as you choose to. Me, I’m right here in the present walking among ethereal clouds on another plane of existence just now. I have some place to go and someone to see. We meet in this place for now, as we have at other times in distant past in thought and in concept. My world comes alive with the sun’s first fiery rays spilling across the sky in every direction. It represents this swirling of emotion in my heart that comes truly from the center of my soul. I am alive right here in this moment, entranced by my Creator’s most beautiful display of timeless power and completely in awe at His infinite wisdom. Would that I could shift my form and fly like a bird on the wind just now. I’d fly straight toward the sun, take a small turn on a ray of light and reach the direction I most wish to be going.

Soon I will get there, so soon the time will come and until then I stand here...spirit slowly, unwillingly returning to my body, grateful for the journey, to touch this essence in spirit is beyond mere mortal words…its thoughts come in the language of the heart that just cannot be spoken. I am so very much at peace in this moment. I am so very aware of and can feel everything about this moment in time. I smile and get ready to go about my day somewhat unwillingly but as time passes, the closer my dream becomes a reality in my world, and I realize it is no longer just a dream.

Consider your dreams. What are they? What do they mean to you? Can you close your eyes and reach out and touch them? Have you tried? You should! It feels like magic and with that feeling, you can make them come true. Believe!

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