Sunday, January 31, 2010


If you continually find your point of focus is on the negative parts of your life, abundant bills, low checking balance, frustration with family, friends, traffic, work and the world at large, what do you think you are asking the universe to send you more of? You guessed it…reinforcement of all of those negatives. It is of vital importance that you shift your focus to gratitude, do things that make you feel good about you and find something to do or see that makes you happy. Then see money coming in abundance, see bills taken care of, see family stepping up and taking control of the things you may be doing too much of for them.

Make no mistake…what you think about most, you draw to you. Like attracts like in more important ways than you can possibly imagine. If you are ill, see yourself well and not dwelling on the pain or illness. If you are broke, see yourself comfortably making ends meet and be open to new ideas that will help that come to fruition and do your part physically to create that reality, if you are frustrated by family and friends it may simply be time to set boundaries—so set them lovingly. Be careful how you discuss your struggles and your motivation for doing so. Are you telling stories of woe to invoke sympathy in others? thoughtfully consider other solutions? vent? get someone elses perspective? How you talk about negative things and your motivation for doing so dictates whether you will draw more negativity to you or helpful solutions.

If you are not careful with your thoughts and focus, you invite your woes to become a part of who you are and once that happens and you’ve identified over-much with those woes, you will have a very difficult time overcoming them and will always be in a depressed reactive state in life. You won’t be affirmatively creating happiness. You will be creating a continual battle. So stop and rethink your thoughts, your stories and the things that are happening to you. Life doesn’t throw you curve balls because you’re unworthy of getting the ones that come right into the sweet spot that you could knock right out of the park. Life throws you curve balls to get your creativity flowing. You can believe in victors and villains and you might be justified based on your perspective but from such a perspective you are not participating in life. Life, with such thoughts, is something happening to you instead of something you are living. So, stop it. It is that simple. Just stop it and decide to affirmatively participate in your life…shift to a higher focus, one with meaning, one with inspiration, one that affords you more opportunities. The only thing that holds you back is your thoughts.

So, focus on the positive and think creatively about solving negative challenges and you will begin to notice a shift in how you feel. Looking for silver linings is not something people in denial of reality do. It’s something smart people do so they can maintain focus on the positive, remain open to happiness and abundance and actually create happiness and abundance in their lives.

Focus on the positive, create in the affirmative and be serene, happy and grateful for the wonderful things you do have and the wonderful things that are uniquely you! Much love and many blessings.

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