Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feelin Good and Thinking Positive

Life can be so challenging sometimes. There are so many things happening all at once and with society forcing us into multi-tasking in epic proportions every day always. How does a soul have any time to “fill back up?” I’ll tell you it’s damn hard some days. It really is. But there is a little short cut and one that is easy for everyone to do. Do something you really like to do every day even if its just for a few moments. That something could be walking outside in nature and just breathing in fresh air or soaking in sunlight, gardening, taking pictures, writing, reading, cooking or exercise. You just have to find that one thing that makes you feel good and do it every day.

We were not sent here to pay for all of the sins of man-kind and so are condemned and forced to accept suffering as its dished out by life. The real objective, I believe, is to take all the conflict, adversity and pain or suffering and transform it into something useful or good. Maybe it’s a simple realization that pain or suffering has a message for you…a life-lesson to teach you. Maybe it’s to show you how bad life can be if you allow yourself nothing but suffering reinforced by negative thoughts. Thinking positive is a good remedy but in order to reap it’s real benefits, you really have to find some things to do to make you feel good.

I love to write and document the crazy things I see, feel and internalize. That makes me feel good. I also love to look for beauty in the world and capture it with my camera. I love to read and talk with friends. I love taking care of my kids and cleaning my house even. These are things that give me a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of usefulness and a sense of peace. When I feel good, I can keep thinking positive and the world around me becomes more positive. I had a long stretch this past week were I did not have time to do the things I loved and negative thinking set in fast unfettered with no defense and suddenly I found myself feeling really bad. The real antidote for me came by spending time alone and recuperating from a busy week, reading good books and getting outside to shoot pictures of a gorgeous sunrise or sunset before I went to work. Thank goodness the dark day last just that…a day. I know that positive thinking is just one step. The next is getting yourself to a place where you feel good. When you feel good, those positive thoughts are easier to believe and put more energy into and when you couple positive thoughts and good feelings, there are no limits to what you can do.

Our limits are just that…ours. They are our perceptions and perspectives. So, think your way through them, around them or make them disappear so you can think more positive thoughts about what you see, you can loosen the stranglehold that limited thoughts and perceptions can place on you and then get out there and have a great day, every day!

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