Saturday, October 3, 2009

Empty Feeling

That empty feeling…
That space that echoes within our soul,
That space that the unwary…
Seek to fill with love from the outside,
That space some attempt escape…
With food, alcohol or work,
That space is not a bad space,
And when you sit your consciousness,
Right down inside the heart of it,
It’s peaceful.

And when you’re really feeling that peace,
There is a still small voice that speaks to you…
Not necessarily in words…
But in pictures and feelings or memories,
That empty feeling is an interesting place.
When you’re sitting in the middle of it,
You can choose to sit
In the observer position within you,
And just notice the thoughts and feelings with
Non-judgment, non-attachment.

The thoughts just pass through,
The thoughts that drive assumptions …
Attempting to make you crazy,
Make you do something to disturb your own peace …
But the wise man knows,
Just observing the thoughts and feelings (which are certainly not facts),
Is key to developing serenity.
Sometimes in life I think serenity,
Is the real goal and not happiness.

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