Sunday, March 15, 2009

A friend asked me not long ago how you can love without any fear. On one hand, that's easy...where there is truly love, there isn't any's only the thoughts that kick in when you forget the love and let the fear begin to grow. So, don't forget the love...don't ever let it go...hold it with everything in you and realize that if you come to a point where the fear starts to grow and you become've forgotten about love. You can remember if you allow yourself to. It's like flipping a switch in your mind that turns on your heart. Fear is insidious and only breeds more fear. On the other hand, if you only hold a space of love it's love that grows and fear has nothing to hold on to, it can't set in and it has no cannot exist.

So, whatever bouts of fear you hold...SEE only love, be only love, feel only love and there will be no FEAR! Simple, yes! It's a choice as are all of our emotions no matter how involuntary they may seem. Feelings are not facts and love is by far more than just a feeling. Love is an all-consuming energy that is actually the stuff that life was made for. When you lose touch with that you can get it back and so simply so. Drop your preconceived notions, drop everything you think you know and walk outside...find a patch of grass and walk on it with bare feet, look for birds in flight and see the beauty of life in motion, look at the bright colors and intricate details of a flower...notice the clouds moving gently across a cerulean sky and realize the whole of life and existence is bigger than you are, more amazing than you can possibly imagine and fear is only torture you bring to your own soul for reasons you know but just remain unconscious of, or conjure up to feel a rush of adrenaline that makes you feel alive. You are alive and need nothing to make you feel more so. In your natural state, the energy of love within exists and you can touch it and bring it into focus at any time you just have to choose if you wish to stop feeling fear.

I've learned these things the hard way...don't follow my lead, it's not worth it...just see love...think of love and give it as honestly and as openly as possible without judgment and there will be NO FEAR!

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