Thursday, March 19, 2009

Advertising Sanity...

....Hello my friends, nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by my page. I've learned some really important things recently: 1. There is no greater treasure or gift in life than love, 2. There is no greater quest than learning to trust, 3. There is no greater accomplishment than to to give and be open to honesty, and last but by no means least, 4. There is no more perfect moment than the present. Sometimes forgetting who you are can be a good thing when your perspective is skewed or jaded from past events that are gone. Remembering who you really are at the core of your soul in the present is the most amazing gift you can give yourself. Learning to live life and appreciating the journey instead of holding off your own happiness for a destination is the only real way to live and be happy. Follow your bliss to wherever and whomever it takes you to and be infinitely grateful for every decision and mistake you've ever made and for every path you have ever chosen. Instead of looking for fearful things to validate your weakest parts, try instead to see only the good in this world; only love. Assume positive intent both within yourself and with those around you. Don't doubt ever that you have a right to be here but know sometimes serenity is worth by far more than happiness. Enjoy life being who you really are and if people can't handle who you really are, DON'T take it personally. Not everything in this world is about you! If ya like to read...go to and look up Ravenous Reflections (poetry) and Changing Perspectives (layperson's self help)...great books by someone I know, me! ..You can visit my other site for more information on services I provide from spiritual counseling, intuitive readings, tarot, etc...: ..I pray you find the path of greatest fulfillment in your life. Remember, the journey is the destination!..

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