Saturday, July 4, 2020

Love All and Harm None

A quiet moment in the morning is sometimes all it takes to set the tone for the day.  And these days, I can’t think of anything more important.  In the entirety of my life, I have never imagined a world that could be in more chaos.  A pandemic is nothing to disregard. The divisive hate for wearing or not wearing a mask or the color of our skin is just something I never thought we’d be fighting about today.  Today!?  Really?  There are some days and in some moments that I am ashamed to be a human being.  We are one at one level – a whole called humanity.  But many of us are unable to exhibit any humanity at all these days.  Our fears put forth so much toxicity that it is just hard to be alive.  It is hard to witness it, to feel it and to imagine anyone having this directed at them.

I know that for as many short-sighted  folks lacking any form of empathy and mindfulness, exhibiting hateful words and wholly unkind actions there are scores more that care, who love and who are literally praying for peace and calm as we speak.  Love All and Harm None” is the message at the core of my being.  But even with that sentiment, I know that I have harmed mostly unintentionally with words or thoughtless actions and for that I’m truly sorry for my behavior when I was woefully unaware as a frightened human on planet Earth.  But I’m awake now and I’m aware now of how my words can cause harm and that my energy can be felt by the collective.  So, I do what I can to keep my energy, thoughts and mindfulness pegged on High.

The “What about me” mentality that is running rampant and causing harm to many today, is a fearful cry from sleeping souls.  All who exhibit this are in the same trance.  Understand this as it just might quell your hatred or ire. Hold compassion for all even those causing harm with their words.  If they knew better, they would do better. So consider, you are witnessing scores of inner children crying out in pain on all sides.  Understand them first before you rally your troops and emit battle cries in vengeance.  Stop, consider, take a breath and ask, is this real? Is this the right action from the dictates of my soul and not my somehow long ago wounded ego striving for pole position here? I condone no form of violence towards any soul for any reason. I do not condone behavior that threatens the welfare, life and limb of others - let me be very clear.

There is a lot of wisdom to be had in quiet contemplation and reflection on life here on Earth.  There is a lot of beautiful sentiment taken in while in nature, on the shore of a stream, lake or ocean.  Peace can be had gazing up at cerulean blue cloudless skies or the night skies teaming with billions of ancient twinkling stars. There are a lot of inhabitants here on Earth doing the best they can.  Think about it…if you saw a 2 year old child screaming on the playground, would you not hold compassion for a new being here on Earth struggling to learn the rules?  There are some of us walking around this planet in adult bodies but with screaming children inside of us that flat out don’t know any better than to behave like uneducated human shadows.  They are raw and torn and succumbing to intentional divisive rhetoric.  Please understand before you retaliate. And consider, if every situation is met with an eye for an eye response, the entire population of this world will become physically as well as emotionally and spiritually blind.

So, I beg you, stop for a moment now and then when you’re feeling riled up. Stop for another moment and just breathe.  Feel your feet planted firmly on the Earth, feel what it feels like to be standing in your body.  Notice the emotion rising up from time to time and allow the emotion to be there just as it is but commit very strongly and with all of your being to take no action while emotion wells.  Just breathe.  Invite the calm back into your being and to all around you. Then, when calm, let a cooler and more rational mind take hold and respond not in retaliation but with compassion and love,  You can rise above any situation but you must want to, you must learn how to wield emotion skillfully and appropriately because if you don’t, any action taken while emotional will equate to extreme mental illness running the show and there are often very serious consequences to that kind of action.  Be the firm, loving and understanding parent to your frightened and reacting inner children.  Allow the child within you its moment to feel. Soothe frazzled and fear-filled nerves with calm mindful presence.  Breathe. Step back. Seek understanding.  It will find you if you seek it. Don’t succumb to the divisive narratives intentionally put forth to stir you up to a frothy hate for your neighbors.  Be in your right mind and deliberately so.

If it calls to you, see every human on the planet held in a space of compassionate love, healing love, prayer filled protection if-you-will.  Invite the calm and peace into your heart often because we are all one at many levels.  If you open your heart to love, understanding and compassion, it will be easier for others to do so.  If you tire of the terrible behavior you see in the world, screaming and shouting it out and pointing fingers on every platform you can won’t change a thing.  What will cause and create change is your living example of what it means to be a human, a kind and compassionate as well as wise and understanding human.  Give that to yourself first, and then those around you.  As you do, eventually they will.  It is like planting a tiny seed of a beautiful tree.  You will sow the seed but in your lifetime you may never enjoy the shade of it’s branches but you will have started something good don't you think?  You sowed the seed.  So, do your best, let go and trust the universe and your fellow humans. We will eventually right the wrongs but from the space of the heart in love and only in the absence of fear.  Be mindfully present with every breath and step you intentionally take here as you walk this Earth. You can do this.  You can restore balance, reason and a better humanity for you and yours as well as for All.  Blessings for peace, for love, for compassion, for understanding and great healing.

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