Sunday, October 26, 2014

Creating Within Consciousness

Something you may not realize is that your soul puts out an energy vibration. The emotions within you put out a very specific energy vibration. When you put out a very specific energy vibration, you are putting a call out to other souls in the world who wish to create a similar experience to whatever it is you may be vibrating. I’ve talked a lot throughout this book about healing wounds so you can learn and grow. When you hold on to pain in your life, your vibration puts out a call to individuals who will appear in your life to help you release that pain or otherwise come to terms with it. If you don’t like that idea, there is a solution. Try understanding the pain that you carry and make every effort to heal it, forgive yourself, forgive others involved and then let it go. 

If you are working towards healing and your vibration is cleaning up, you put out a different kind of call in the world. A healthier vibration will call out to you healthier individuals. You’ve heard the term, “Like attracts like” right? If you have your act cleaned up you will end up attracting to you other souls who also have their act cleaned up and maybe even those that are far beyond where you are, spiritually speaking. No matter where we are, we can always run across souls that share a vibration that we have known in the past (this life or others) or a current vibration. When people come into our lives, they answer our call and we mutually answer theirs. In this life, we create the situations we face but through illusion and delusion, we do not do this consciously. We unconsciously create. So, if you understand a little bit more about your vibration and the energy you emanate, you can start to become aware of the way you are unconsciously creating. When you can cross that threshold of understanding you can go on to the next step and that is consciously creating. 

Honestly, it all starts within us and how we feel, along with what we believe about this world and ourselves. If we are optimistic, open to abundance, have high integrity and morals, are compassionate and loving with others and ourselves, chances are we will be consciously creating in the positive. It is possible to put the call out to the universe for new cars, better jobs, bigger bank accounts, etc. but those are only material things and to create them, there is a cost. Whenever you are engaging in spiritual practice from an ego-centric view point, your creations may at first tend to be fleeting and shallow. Not that we are not entitled to nice cars, sufficient means and nice houses, its your motivation that drives your results. What do you want it for? Be very clear in your meaning when you put the call out to the universe to bring you something. If your focus is off-based in any way or overly ego-focused, you will never be satisfied with what you create or manifest in your life. If, however, your motivation is pure and you remain in alignment with your own honor, honesty and integrity, the things you create are likely to be more substantial and meaningful. 

There are so many commercialized spiritual messages out there that encourage the uninitiated to just manifest at will without giving a true and thorough thought to the state of your spirit and healing first. Without these very important and firm bases for your creations, you can run into some unanticipated trouble. To avoid this, be conscious of the state of your spirit and align your thoughts in the positive, see your creations truly through the eyes of love and feel the beauty of abundance coming to you. 

I mentioned a bit about when you are healed you begin to call to you people that also vibrate at a higher vibration. This does not mean that entities not as evolved as you are on the journey won’t come into your lives and begin to cause trouble or interesting lessons for you. However, with a higher vibration and greater internal healing and confidence, you will deal with these situations in a more loving and compassionate manner with less long-lasting harm for you. Your focus is so important. Don’t skip a step just because it is painful. Those on a quest for understanding life, themselves and their place in this world should be willing to do the work necessary to get there. If you’re not willing to do the work you might as well go back to sleep and continue dreaming as you have been. I do not mean to seem unkind and please forgive me if this message is harsh but we have to really want something to get it. We demonstrate what we want by working towards it in appropriate and healthy ways to get there. Making sure we are not creating at the expense of others is so important. We are so powerful and we truly can create enough for all. But then, there is free will and the varying vibrations, lessons and journeys of others differ and they can choose as they wish to or, well, not. 

It’s important that we focus on what we are calling out to the universe to bring us both consciously and unconsciously. It really matters more than I can convey. Give it some thought, careful thought and then put your call out there for what you truly want in this world. You already know how to create it but are learning to remember how good it feels to create consciously. Just enjoy life and love as you do it and you will have greater opportunity to be satisfied in the end.  (89)

Hart, Jaie.  Expanding Horizons, Growth and Beyond, 2013.  The Ministry of Connected Consciousness.  California.  Print

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