Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seeing Clearly

I sometimes think that pain never really heals but that we somehow learn to live our lives despite our wounds.  We develop coping mechanisms and strategies that help us compensate for the pain we have suffered.  Some of these coping mechanisms can be healthy and will not really interfere with our experience here on planet Earth.  Some of these coping mechanisms, however, can create a vast array of mini psycho dramas that we unwittingly play out of our own volition while we mistakenly blame the landscape, the themes and the actors conveniently acting nearest us in the present.

Going back for a moment to emotion, I think we have to be very careful in how we choose to align our emotions with the thoughts that we think.  Before we can even get to that point of awareness, we must understand how we have attached an emotion or series of emotions to our interpretation of events transpiring in our lives.  Emotions sometimes seem to be triggered so very fast that we almost unconsciously give birth to them as we misjudge what we think we see.  We may be trapped for years in the maze of emotions, thoughts, pain, recovery and reactions to the point that we habitually continue seeing, judging and reacting to the same themes without ever giving conscious thought as to why.

Although it may seem very difficult to understand, we do choose our emotions.  Although they seem to automatically occur, that’s not really the case.  You witness something, an event, a scene and the actors, your mind initiates thoughts and judgments about what it witnesses or experiences and then based on your personal experiences from all aspects of the lives you have lived up to that point and then you begin to attach emotion.  Sometimes in some cases, you even quickly look ahead and begin to attach emotion before anything has ever even occurred.  We seem to react and think this way on auto-pilot but if we do not like the results of this very natural seeming behavior, we can choose our thoughts and the emotions we attach to them differently.  We can learn to see things and experience things we encounter with greater compassion and understanding and when we successfully engage in conscious awareness of our own thoughts and emotions, we can change what we see from a mere perception to direct conscious experience of what truly exists.

For those trapped in a series of emotional upheavals and reactions day in and day out, challenging interactions with other human beings on the planet, work or other aspects of life, taking a time out to contemplate your own thoughts and reactions about a thing, person or situation can be very helpful in uncovering the truth about a thing, person or situation as well as the truth about you and what you carry deep within you.  Careful consideration may just be the key that helps you unlock the door and step out of the prison you unwittingly locked yourself into in the absence of knowledge of just how much power you truly do hold.  This is one of the most important lessons in life you can learn.  But, it’s not easy to do because you have to be brave and courageous.  You have to be willing to see your own hand in your undoing throughout your life by the thoughts you have allowed yourself to think and the emotions you gave permission to be brought out into the light.  For some, the violent disagreement may ring loudly through the halls.  However, I challenge those to remain very curious a moment and consider that they may really be in a state of disagreement only with that which they do
not yet understand.  I know this because I was once in this place.  Through keen awareness did I one day gain the ability to see the truth and then felt compelled to share it because I understand how liberating it can be.  I want that freedom for others even if they don’t understand why.  The shift in consciousness puts an amazing energy out into this world that touches the hearts and souls of others still struggling to awaken.  It creates a space of love and light for others to grow in their own understanding of their existence.  So, okay, enough deep thoughts for this moment.

Forgive my dwindling posts of late.  I’ve been very busy with some amazing new projects and I’ve not had much time to write.  I’ve missed it very much.  I’ve recently quit smoking (1 month today to the day) and have needed to keep very busy to conquer, finally, that dreaded addiction that I very unconsciously chose to engage in for too many years.  I’ve also decided to fight some other long-standing seeming barriers and I’ve gone back to school.  I’m thrilled and excited for all
the amazing things in life that have seemingly come together in a heartbeat.  Speaking of heart beats as well as seeing more from the truth than mere jaded perception, there are now two hearts beating where once there was one and of course that also brings so much more to the colors of my life.  Correcting your thoughts and emotions in greater alignment with the truth is also a key to manifesting those things you most want for your own greatest good.  Thank Goddess for all that
is good, challenging and beautiful in this world.  I’m glad I can finally see.  (Now, a little song just for fun - enjoy).

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  1. Umm - - - about emotions, we do choose sometimes but most of the time we don't. However we may choose the moments that take place before our emotions just emote out, although most of the time they are circumstantial. I try to understand people who remain calm in situations that might upset other people. I guess that is the difference between cold and warm hearted people.

    1. We often think we do not choose our emotions but that is actually incorrect. When we experience something in life, we judge that something through the filters of our prior experience. As we judge through our prior experiences, we determine if a thing is good or bad based on our understanding of a thing at the time it occurs. If we think a thing is bad, we will choose to associate heavier emotions. If we think a thing is good, we will choose to associate lighter or happier emotions. Even something like a death of someone close...some would immediately choose sadness as they feel they have lost someone forever and that is perfectly fine and okay. Another might immediately choose gratitude knowing that soul is free and realize that no matter where the soul is whether in the physical or not, that soul is only ever a single thought away and that is perfectly fine and okay. Neither is a cold or warmhearted view, they are just views. As we learn and grow, mature spiritually and emotionally, we begin to see the lightning speed thoughts form judgments and attach emotions. It happens so quickly we only think its involuntary. But with time and understanding, we can choose thoughts differently. Some are unable to engage or demonstrate emotion. Some are completely able. Both have a place in this world without being judged. To each his or her own. :) Blessings and thanks for sharing your comments.