Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freedom of Forgiveness

Long forgotten sins I’ve cast
To the farthest reaches
Of the universe that is my mind
Then something sparks a feeling
And within the walls of my mind a crack
And a torrent of emotion is let loose
Reeling I struggle to find firm footing
The Earth seems to spin at more than double time
The stars mere streaks and blurring light
As I try to find composure in my darkness
And just when I think all is irretrievably lost
Those streaks of light slow just a hint in their movement
And come to a gentle halt
The light of forgiveness and love rains down
With grace I find the strength to stand
Reaching out to embrace every conscious thought
I find that forgiveness breathing in my soul
No longer wincing from sins long past
Comprehension dawns with the lessons of life
And unbelievably it is life that finds its purchase
Pulsing within my veins is light
And it finds the heart of me there were I’m standing
The tears replaced with beautiful smiles
Embracing the ones that come to free me
The light in their eyes and the love through the core
I am free at last
From the shadows I come
And finally face the light of the sun

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, random but beautiful internet find)

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