Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pale Moon Rising - Random Thoughts

The weight of the world seemingly on my mind, just disappeared in an instant when I looked up and saw a huge pale moon rising in a faded blue sky.  I love it when the moon is full on the horizon because it seems like it's five times it's normal size.  The effect it has had on me all day today, even when I couldn't see it, was remarkable.  There is just something about moonlight.  It's silvery glow takes all the stress and worry or even frustration away.  It puts things back into perspective as its overwhelming sweet energy permeates my being.

I could sit here for hours in this quiet part of the evening.  The birds are settling in for the night, people occupied with dinner and chores after coming home for the evening.  I love this time of night.  I don't think there is really a time of day or night I don't absolutely love.  It took me a lifetime to get here or like my sudden fondness of winter...I've found in my 44th year of life that I love the winter, I don't mind the rain and gray skies can be just as beautiful as blue ones.  Everything is a matter of perspective I guess and tonight I've got a good one.

I've got a surgery coming up in a couple of days and that's just no fun.  Instead of getting carried away with the anxious thoughts, I'm sitting here in this delicious moonlight thinking of all the people I love, the friends I adore and every ray of sunlight and moonlight I've ever had the pleasure to experience.  We can so easily be caught up in the mayhem of negative and troubled thoughts.  When we train our minds to recognize the choices we make with our feelings, life takes on an almost ethereal glow.  Assumption never is an equal dance partner with truth.  Assumption is our own distorted perception of truth and nowhere near reality. Facts, on the other hand, are different and the only things we should allow our emotions to line up with and even then, we have a choice in how far we'll go and how long we'll hold them.  Believe it or don't, the choice is yours.  Me, I'm going back to this delicious moonlight, I'll contemplate the pure insignificance of my own existence in the scheme of reality as I know it and I'll smile just because I choose too.

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful night.  Have blessed sweet dreams!

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