Saturday, May 8, 2010

True Wealth

I was up before the sun this morning, stepped outside and heard the tune of my friend the mocking bird.  He sat right in my favorite spot underneath the birch tree in my backyard.  His tune was sweet and so joyful this morning.  I stood still for long moments watching his antics.  Just now the leaves have become etched in fiery gold sunlight as she makes her silent ascent into a pale blue sky.  The clouds are moving slowly in a gentle sea breeze and the temperature is cool but so very comfortable.  Crow joins in with the mocking bird to make his presence known and I sit quietly and just listen.  No motion, no movement except for an occasional sip of my coffee.
I live in suburbia and you have to really work hard for these moments when you can hear nature come to life.  However, such moments are so very necessary for the well being of your soul.  It’s too easy to become distracted by the multitude of commercial things the television tells you that you must go out and purchase this moment or the Jones will poke fun at you.  How silly are we when we succumb to such suggestions.  Our needs are much more simple.  If you pursue and worship what is right, you don’t have mounting debt for the coolest new toys and the stress that goes with maintaining that fascade of coolness and wealth.
There is a wealth deep inside of you worth more money than the richest man on the planet.  That wealth should be treasured daily and know that it is not measured by the things you have but more so by the beautiful people you have in your life and the number of things in life and scenes you truly and deeply appreciate.  Very recently I was standing on top of a chunk of lime stone in the middle of a forest of beautiful trees.  All you could hear were the birds sweetly singing and the wind rustling the leaves in the trees and in that moment it felt like my soul was being enriched with the beauty before me.  In that moment, I felt like the wealthiest woman on the planet.  Watching the vibrant shades of green, the dead trees even a beautiful contrast and reminder that life is part of an unimaginable circle.
That moment that made me feel the richest was made all the better because that moment was the gift of a very dear soul to me.  Even today I can see his smile as we explored the trees and the rocks, the flora and fawna and we were even blessed that day with a few deer on the trail and one that even posed for a few pictures.  The point I’m trying to make is that it is not the things that you own or the money that you strive for that make you wealthy.  What makes you wealthy is your ability to hold gratitude in your heart, see true beauty all around you and to feel your own reservoir of love from within you.  If you are not in touch with that…go for a walk in nature, listen to what the birds are trying to tell you, get lost gazing into a deep cerulean sky.  Feel the love vibrating in your very own soul and be so very happy to be alive, to have good people around you and endless opportunities from this day forward to teach yourself and the world about the true riches life has to offer.
I pray you have a day that fills your soul with so much love!

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