Thursday, January 15, 2009

Set Them Free

Again it is with me, out under the stars, early in the morning, waxing contemplative under a bright but waning moon. I’m thoughtful this morning as I am most mornings but today more so. There is something specific on my mind. Something…well, maybe someone would be most appropriate. Have you ever felt a connection with someone that you could not explain? Have you ever had that feeling of recognition at the level of the soul that no words could ever truly describe? I have, and I’m grateful. Such sensations are usually the stuff that really good lessons are made of. But, right now, it’s not lessons I’m thinking about. I’m rather enjoying a moment of quiet contemplation, running through memories in my mind that all at once seem distant and vibrant interchangeably…vibrant because of the depth of emotion, distant because of a desire for proximity that I’m sadly lacking at the moment.

It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that something is on my mind. There are things I want to say and someone I want to say the words to. I would have thought my hesitation was based on fear but I suddenly realize that there is no fear, there is no reason and nothing I have to say brings me any concern at all what-so-ever. I realize how short time can be sometimes. There is never enough and the only thing I regret is not taking the time to say what’s on my mind. I will remedy this very soon because a part of me just won’t rest until I set these words free in one particular direction. So it is sometimes, that words we wish to say linger, trapped inside of our minds and obstacles may exist and keep us from setting our thoughts free. I intend to remove those barriers because nothing is more important sometimes than letting someone you know in on what you’re thinking and feeling.

The tough part is a need to sit with these thoughts a few days. It won’t be easy…a phone call could set the words free, an email or text could do the same…but not these words. These words must be spoken face to face. These words must be expressed in person, preferably in close proximity to ensure the full depth is comprehended. There is nothing that seems more important just now. The urgency rises more and more each day and there is no way I can keep this inside. I’ve no desire to any longer, there are no conditions, there is no reason now except for miles and hours. Soon those will disappear and I can make my thoughts known and have no fear, no conditions to hold me back.

My thought for the day is to consider the things that you want to say to people in your sphere. Are there meaningful words you want to say, thoughts you really want to express? What keeps you from setting them free? Is it fear? There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Consider the reasons, walk through them and don’t let another day go by without letting those you care about know how much you care. Life is too short and the world can be full of amazing experiences when you are open, kind and sharing with your thoughts and emotions. That bond we have with other people gives us strength and adds more to us than we already are in some way. It can be a beautiful thing.

Be peaceful today, be thoughtful today and if you’ve got something to say to someone today…say it with kindness, say it with caring and mean it with the full depth of love within you.

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